Who makes the best furnce or heat exchanger?

When I get the chance to sit down with homeowners and it is time to replace their furnace and air conditioner I am frequently asked who makes the best product.

After being in the heating and air conditioning industry for nearly a decade in the Sacramento area now I have to admit that most homeowners do not like the answer that I give or share with them. The reason is that so many people especially homeowners are used to salespeople brand bashing. It is almost nearly impossible to compare proposals from company to company even with the same equipment.

There are quite a few things to look for when choosing a company and those items will be explained in a future post.

Let me start by saying I personally do not have a favorite brand, they all have a weakness somewhere. I will also share that for the most part between the major manufacturers there is virtually no difference. People who have to sell off of brand will object to that statement and I am ok with that.

Some manufacturers do offer a better warranty when it comes down to the heat exchanger. Some offer 10 years, some offer 20 years and some even have lifetime warranties. Even with the lifetime option you may want to read the fine print as to what determines that lifetime. Even with those warranties it comes down to how was the system installed and where did the installer learn how to install?

Now on the installation is there enough air coming into the return or even leaving through the supplies? If those issues are not dealt with it doesn’t matter how long the warranty is the system will fail prematurely and you will have to use the warranty for a bad install.

Once again everything comes down to where you get your information from. There is plenty of information on the internet, some good some bad. For you I am giving the no frills or sugar coating examples and I hope you are ok with that.

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